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Nowadays, about 15% (according to some data, 20%) of married couples in the world suffer from a violation of the reproductive function, both or one of the spouses. Infertility has various reasons and manifestations. However, regardless of the genesis, this diagnosis makes unhappy hundreds of thousands of people. Despite the high level of development of medical technology, therapy of fertility problems, unfortunately, does not always give positive results. In such cases, assisted reproductive technologies may come to the aid of childless families. One of these technologies is surrogacy motherhood.

Seek help from an agency or clinic for participation in a surrogacy program is a challenging and very responsible decision. The procedure is complex and expensive. Therefore, it is extremely important not to be mistaken with the choice of specialists who will lead potential biological parents along the entire path to achieving the cherished goal - the birth of a long-awaited baby. And this process should begin with the choice of the country in which the program will be conducted.

Ukraine is one of the most favorable countries for surrogacy, thus. The first successful surrogate pregnancy in the post-Soviet space was in Ukraine. In 1995, a girl born in Kharkov was carried out by her grandmother. Since then, reproductive technologies in Ukraine have continuously improved, developed. Why is this country so favourable?

In Austria, Norway, Germany, France, a number of US states, surrogacy motherhood is not allowed and is a criminal offense. The legislation of some countries does not regulate this assisted reproductive technology at all (Belgium, Greece, Finland, Ireland). In Denmark, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, this reproductive technology is legal, but with a huge amount of restrictions and only on a non-commercial basis.

In Ukraine, gestational surrogacy is totally legal. Legislation regulating the use of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine is recognized as one of the best in the world. At the moment, a sufficient number of protocols and bylaws, guided by the work of Ukrainian agencies and surrogacy clinics, have been developed and adopted for execution. The legislation provides for multi-stage protection of biological parents, which completely excludes the possibility of a surrogate mother in any way claiming a child. Biological parents legally and effortlessly obtain their parental rights.

The legality of the use of surrogacy motherhood allows for a strict and rigorous selection of women who want to become gestational carriers. The surrogates` databases contain only those whose health is in excellent shape. In addition, in the Ukrainian reproductive clinics and agencies there are mandatory selection rules. A woman can be a surrogate mother in Ukraine if:

• the age of the candidate is not less than 18 and not more than 35 years;
• she has at least one healthy child;
• there is no history of somatic and mental illness;
• confirmed the absence of bad habits.

All applicants undergo a thorough medical and psychological screening. If all the tests and examinations have been passed, their results are normal, and the psychologist gave his positive conclusion, the woman’s questionnaire is placed in the surrogate mothers database.

It should also be noted that Ukrainians are a genetically healthy nation. Young women in the majority have strong reproductive functions, which allows them give birth to a healthy child without any complications. Genetic health is of particular importance when it comes to donors of oocytes. Of course, all egg donors undergo karyotyping, a high percentage of healthy people guarantees more offers and a maximum reduction in the waiting time for donor gametes.

Ukraine has a fairly high level of sanitary culture, education and intelligence of the population. The society is loyal to people resorting to help and to the surrogate mothers themselves. In this country will be comfortable for both biological parents, and a surrogate mother. Ukraine is located in Europe, which makes it attractive from a territorial point of view.

An important factor is the low cost of the program. With a high level of professionalism of Ukrainian geneticists and reproductologists, participation in the surrogacy motherhood program in Ukraine costs, on average, between thirty and fifty thousand US dollars, while a similar program in the United States will cost about one hundred and fifty thousand. Today, Ukraine occupies one of the leading positions in the world in terms of reproductive technology. Ukrainian specialists successfully apply the latest technologies and developments, and the Ukrainian medical school has always been at a high professional level.

However, in the mass of programs and offers on the Ukrainian market of reproductology it is important to find the agency or clinic, working with which will be comfortable and you will be guaranteed a result. CMC-Canadian Medical Care has been successfully involved in surrogatcy programs for over 12 years. Over the years, we have earned a good reputation and received hundreds of satisfied customers who have become happy parents thanks to the professionalism of our staff.

Why us?

  1.  We offer the official registration of the contract and enable the client to control the course of the program at any stage.
  2. Agency specialists are focused on achieving results and meeting all customer`s requirements. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are in touch with customers and are very attentive to all wishes, thanks to which parents come back to us, wanting to replenish their families.
  3. We have our own clinic, equipped with the most modern equipment, and highly qualified medical personnel, as evidenced by the hundreds of cries of birth and finally complete families.
  4. The Agency has a large, constantly updated base of potential surrogate mothers and egg donors who have undergone comprehensive and complete medical and psychological examinations. This will reduce the waiting time to a minimum and enter the surrogacy program faster.
  5. We offer transparent flexible prices competitive in the market of rendering services on reproduction.

Surely you have questions. Contact us at any time convenient for you and we will readily discuss all the details.


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Commercial surrogacy

The gift of commercial surrogacy. Many people are thinking about the commercial surrogacy. Future parents provide their biological material (egg and / or sperm), and also assume the obligations of the mother and / or father after the birth of the baby.

Main part of motherhood. A Ukraine surrogacy mother must take out the baby and give up her parental rights. Genetic parents when the child is born, formalize the legal rights to him. A woman who carries a child can do this both for free and for reward.

We offer surrogate motherhood planning, which is carried out on the basis of a modern innovative technical base in the surrogacy clinic under the supervision of experienced reproductive specialists. The medical center has comfortable conditions for IVF, diagnosis and monitoring the surrogacy motherhood. Despite the fact that surrogate mothers are used for a long time to have a child, the attitude to this in our society is ambiguous. Some believe that in these cases, motherhood becomes the subject of trade and exploitation. Others - that the only way for parents to have their baby genetically must be realized. Indeed, this issue has many aspects - medical, ethical, psychological, family, social. But this, sometimes the only, opportunity is determined by the parents themselves.

Surrogacy motherhood

Surrogacy motherhood

About program. The program can be used by a woman (with or without a pair), having abnormalities in the development of reproductive organs or a severe somatic disorder, in which she cannot bear the baby. Either pregnancy is a threat to women is health and / or life. A surrogate mother should have excellent mental and physical health, be no older than 35, have children (one or more) and have no contraindications for pregnancy. Surrogacy in the Ukraine, a non-commercial surrogate motherhood is common.

Then the endometrium of the surrogate mother is prepared using the preparations of estrogens and progesterone. Further, the eggs are removed from the biological mother by the method of puncture, which are subsequently impregnated with the sperm of the spouse or donor. Ready-made embryos are transferred to the cavity of a surrogacy Ukraine mother, which will bear the child. With the problem of infertility - the inability to have children and continue their kind - people have collided back in ancient times. Already then the idea arose to overcome infertility, using surrogate motherhood.

The surrogacy in Ukraine has progressed significantly and is now being implemented at the highest technological level - reproductologists do not need about 600 IVF attempts performed for the birth of Louise Brown. But the legal side of surrogate motherhood in most countries is still not sufficiently regulated.


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