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How often couples are faced with staying in a long cue in the clinics with the aim to become a parent?

How often couples are faced with staying in a long cue in the clinics with the aim to become a parent? This question is rhetorical, and many of them have already received a disappointing response. But there is no reason to despair – there are no situations that we can’t solve.

Some couples decide to adopt someone else’s child. Yes, for these children the most desirable wish is to have a warm family and home. However, not always the parents are willing to go quite a long way of legal registration of another person’s child. There is also the psychological aspect – the child will never be a 100% native in the new family.

Modern methods of reproductive medicine are real miracles, by which there was an opportunity to “give birth” to your own child. Thanks to surrogacy, you get a true chance to forget all the horrors of childless life forever. Even 30-40 years ago there was no such chance. And not having received the desirable happiness is unforgivable.
From the first weeks after surrogate mother gets pregnant, you will be able to feel and understand what it is like when very soon your baby will be born. We want that our customers would feel more comfortable in this complex process. Canadian Medical Care Agency is making every effort to make a couple enjoy fellowship with the long-awaited happiness.

There are two categories of surrogacy:
– Traditional surrogacy. If for the parents it is not possible to take a healthy egg or sperm cells, the biological parents of the child will be the surrogate mother or donor of the sperm.
– Gestational surrogacy. This feature is the most interesting and promising, because the body of a woman is physically able to bear a child. The sperm of the future father fertilizes the egg of expectant mother and the embryo is transferred into the body of surrogate. The child fully inherits the genes of its parents, and not the woman who gave birth to him.
Gestational surrogacy, which involves the participation of three parties – this is the only sure way to become parents.

Canadian Medical Care Agency offers exclusively gestational surrogacy. It provides the most secure and positive outcome for all “stakeholders”.

The first step of gestational surrogacy is appealing to a specialized Canadian Medical Care Agency, where our staff together with the medical staff of professional clinics will help to solve all issues related to the financial, juridical and legal aspects of the procedure.
Canadian Medical Care Agency offers gestational surrogacy and full support of this program. We guarantee that you make the right choice among the many confusing options. Our joint work will minimize your anxiety and reduce the time to create your family in the “Parents + Kid” format.


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Gestational surrogacy Ukraine


What is gestational surrogacy? In surrogate mothers, it is not necessary to invite relatives or look for women of their age and blood type. The main thing is that the candidate, who undertakes to take out another's child, was healthy and relatively young - at the age of 35 years.

About a few variants of surrogate motherhood. Gestational surrogacy is an auxiliary reproductive technology in medicine, in which a woman (surrogate mother) willingly under the informed voluntary consent to medical intervention is ready to undergo the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (PE), all stages of pregnancy and give birth biologically someone else's child, who, with her consent, will be given up for education to other persons (genetic parents).

Gestational surrogacy is when a surrogate mother nurtures and gives birth to a genetically alien child for her.

Gestational surrogacy Ukraine can be used if there are medical indications and informed voluntary consent to medical intervention: men and women, both composed and not being officially registered, and single women.

There are few variants of surrogate motherhood:

  • It is much more difficult to solve psychological problems. Therefore, it is necessary that the surrogate mother has already gone through pregnancy and childbirth, had her own child, or, better, two and knows how does surrogacy work. In that case, a complete genetic link between the biological parents and the child.
  • The second option is the use of the egg of the wife or egg of a single woman and donor sperm (gestational surrogate motherhood). In this version, an incomplete (truncated) genetic link. The child is genetically native only to the wife or single woman.
  • The third option is the use of an ovum donor and her husband's sperm (gestational surrogate motherhood). In this version, an incomplete (truncated) genetic link. A child is genetically native only to a man / wife.
  • The fourth way of gestational surrogacy Ukraine is to use of an ovum for a surrogate mother and her husband's sperm (traditional surrogate motherhood). In this version, an incomplete (truncated) genetic link. The child is genetically native only to the spouse. In this case, surrogate mothers are presented with higher requirements than in the first four variants, for example, external data, education, etc. In this case, the spouses would have to go through the adoption procedure.

Under gestational surrogacy Ukraine law, this option is PROHIBITED, since the surrogate mother cannot be an egg donor, or, more accurately, the surrogate mother's egg cannot be used, it does not matter which method of auxiliary reproductive technologies is used in parallel with the gestational surrogacy.


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