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The selection process of a surrogate mother for your programme has different stages to find the best match. The main requirements for a surrogate mother:

  • Women of mature reproductive age
  • Healthy BMI
  • Raising at least one healthy child
  • Full package of medical examinations
  • Having no unhealthy habit, such as smoking and alcohol drinking
  • No previous criminal problems
  • Psychologically sound with positive way of thinking
  • Ready to take responsibilities for the process of pregnancy



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Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Choosing a surrogate mother. A surrogate mother, or gestational courier, refers to women who have a pregnancy as a result of the fertilization of an ovum that belongs to a third party, spermatozoa that also belong to a third party.

About surrogate mother. "There is a childless couple of a man and a woman, doctors take an egg from a woman, artificially impregnate under" In vitro "conditions, and then the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the surmum." This is one of the options. In this case, the parents of the child are the couple whose reproductive cells were used to conceive the baby, and not the surrogate mother.

There is another version of surrogate mother pay - artificial insemination of a woman with the husband's sperm with the subsequent transfer of the child to this person and his wife (if he is married). In this case, the surrogate mother is also the genetic mother of the child.

Future parents (or the parent) provide their biological material (egg and / or sperm) for ART, and also assume the obligations of the mother and / or father after the birth of the baby. A surrogate mother in Ukraine must take out the baby and give up her parental rights. Genetic parents when the child is born, formalize the legal rights to him. A woman who carries a child can do this both for free and for reward.

Surrogate mother pay

Surrogate mother pay

What we offer. Our surrogate mother Ukraine clinic offers surrogate motherhood planning, which is carried out on the basis of a modern innovative technical base under the supervision of experienced reproductive specialists. The medical center has comfortable conditions for IVF, diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy.

The program can be used by a woman (with or without a pair), having abnormalities in the development of reproductive organs or a severe somatic disorder, in which she cannot bear the baby. Either pregnancy is a threat to women's health and / or life. A surrogate mother pay should have excellent mental and physical health, be no older than 35, have children (one or more) and have no contraindications for pregnancy.

For the surrogate mother program, a synchronization check of the menstrual cycles of the biological and surrogate mothers is conducted at the first stage. Then the endometrium of the surrogate mother is prepared using the preparations of estrogens and progesterone. Further, the eggs are removed from the biological mother by the method of puncture, which are subsequently impregnated with the sperm of the spouse or donor. Ready-made embryos are transferred to the cavity of a surrogate mother, which will bear the child.


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