The term "libido" has entered into use the Austrian psychologist and neurologist Sigmund Freud. It is suggested in the description of sexuality to understand this term is the sexual instinct or sexual desire. Freud defined libido as the energy of attraction to everything that can be included in the word "love." Libido is not a synonym for potency. If the first term refers to the desire, the second is the ability, the ability of an organism to sexual intercourse. Male libido is easily changed under the influence of the causes of physical and psychological nature.

In modern psychology the term "male libido" understand the unconscious libido, the driving man. The factors influencing this fragile phenomenon can be divided into physiological and psychological. The first group includes:

  • congenital abnormalities;
  • overall hormonal balance;
  • the level of androgens;
  • General physical condition;
  • age;
  • physical activity;
  • weight;
  • lifestyle habits:
  • the intensity of sexual life.

Hormonal component of the condition male libido depends on the level of androgens (steroid male hormones produced by male sex glands – the testes) and estrogen (female steroid sex hormones produced in women by the ovaries and in men by the adrenal cortex). Libido in men is in direct proportion to the number of main male hormone – testosterone. The higher its level in the male body, the stronger the desire: if increased amount of estrogen, sexual desire is extremely low.

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