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Surrogacy motherhood is an expensive procedure, but there are many ways for prospective parents to get funding for this process and make it more affordable.

As surrogacy motherhood program involves a large number of specialists, carrying out a mass of complicated manipulations and providing complex services, including the help to a surrogate mother and legal support, the process of surrogacy motherhood becomes quite expensive. The surrogacy payment ranges from $ 60,000 to $ 100,000 and even higher.

For most families who need to participate in the surrogacy motherhood program, this is a big amount and not everyone can possibly give such money. Often, high costs can discourage intended parents. However, there are many options for financing surrogacy motherhood, thanks to which the surrogacy motherhood program becomes much more affordable.

Below we will consider the surrogate payment options and reveal some aspects which can help middle-income families to become happy parents. We will talk about surrogate payments or compensations, we will offer ideas for raising funds and many more options for obtaining additional financing.

  • Surrogacy program credits
  • Potential parents tend to rely on payments from the governmental or private organizations that can help cover the costs associated with the surrogacy motherhood program. In addition to traditional credit programs and lines, such as loans for the purchase of property or housing or credit cards, there are companies that provide services for credit for the treatment of infertility and surrogate motherhood. Here are some types of loans that can help you reduce the financial burden:
  • Loans for the acquisition of property - potential parents can use their home as collateral for the borrowed amount. However, such loans often require a good credit history.
  • Some families consider financing loans from their pension accounts. Usually such loans allow you to borrow up to 50 percent of the amount of the account or balance on the account. The amount must be returned within a certain period of time, and regular payments are made usually by automatic deduction of funds from the borrower's salary.
  • Credit cards. Partially, payments for the financing of the surrogacy motherhood program can be made using credit cards. It is worth remembering that in case of late payment of credit on credit cards, interest grows at the speed of a snowball.
  • Assistance of family members. Even though not everyone is ready to apply for help with surrogate motherhood financing to relatives or friends, such loans can significantly help in paying for the surrogacy motherhood program.
  • Loans for financing fertility. There are organizations specializing in financial stimulation of childbirth, offering credit programs and payment plans for potential parents struggling with infertility. A number of such programs are suitable for surrogacy motherhood financing. Credits for potential parents for the financing of fertility are offered by the following organizations:

Prosper Healthcare Lending

New Life Fertility Finance


  • Financing programs from surrogacy motherhood agencies. Most of the agencies provide potential parents with a flexible phased payment schedule for the surrogacy motherhood program, rather than requiring full one-time financing of the contract. Some agencies offer their own funding programs or programs of partners offering loans and grants for fertility. Ask your consultant from the agency about the possibility of lending and familiarize yourself with possible agency loans.
  • Grants for surrogacy motherhood
  • Another popular option for funding surrogacy motherhood programs is grants. A number of organizations award non-refundable material assistance to ease the financial burden of surrogacy motherhood program and other methods of infertility tretment. Most grants are awarded annually to families that meet the selection criteria of the organization and who properly apply for a grant. Different organizations make different demands on the recipient of the grant. For example, some organizations require a residence in a certain locality or a particular religion. In addition, most organizations that award such grants require an in-vitro fertilization procedure or a surrogacy motherhood program for a confirmed diagnosis of Infertility.
  • We have prepared a list of some organizations that provide grants for surrogate motherhood programs:
  • Pay it Forward Fertility Grants - Grants can be used to treat infertility in a fertility clinic that is a member of the Society for Assistive Reproductive Technologies (SART). The grant is given to potential parents who make up a surrogacy motherhood plan.
  • Baby Quest Foundation - provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford the high costs of procedures such as egg and sperm donation, oocyte freezing, artificial insemination, IVF, embryo donation and surrogate motherhood.

Tinina Q. Cade Foundation Family Building Grant - provides up to 10,000 dollars to infertile families in need of financial assistance.

  • Family Formation Charitable Trust (AARTA) - the Foundation provides material assistance to individuals and couples who are trying to build a family with the help of reproductive technologies, including surrogacy motherhood.
  • Journey to Parenthood Grant is a charitable organization that helps families and individuals create families through modern infertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, egg donation and surrogate motherhood, and adoption.
  • Life Grants - the Foundation offers grants of up to $ 10,000 to eligible couples and individuals to compensate for infertility treatment, adoption and reproduction of third-party manufacturers.

Those wishing to apply for the surrogacy motherhood program are often viewed as a source of funding for donations. If you or someone you know has been faced with a problem of infertility, think about the possibility of donating to surrogate motherhood or to the fund to combat infertility to help unhappy families who dream of a child.


There are many ways to collect donations by potential parents to pay for their surrogacy program. Fundraising is a widely available option for intended parents. Will you use the simplest online collector or be creative, depends only on your choice? We want to offer several ideas for raising funds to finance your program. We hope with them it will be easier for you to start collecting money for the dream of a full family:

  • Use the online fundraiser - there are online platforms, such as YouCaring.com, that allow you to create free fundraisers and easily raise money to implement your surrogacy motherhood plans - all without fees, deadlines or target requirements.
  • Ask for donations. Donations to pay for a surrogate financing program are an excellent alternative for potential parents for Christmas or birthday gifts.
  • Sell something - it can be selling through the markets (for example, Etsy) of something made by yourself, sell a garage, sell pastries or ask for a commission for a party from a partner who will be the chef on it.
  • Organize the event - organize a small auction, an exhibition of your friends' work or a badminton tournament and send all the proceeds to your surrogate fund.

Tips for saving money

  • Regardless of whether you organize donations, apply for grants, study credit plans or organize a tango school, the process of collecting money to fund a surrogacy motherhood program takes a lot of time, energy, and discipline. We bring to your attention a few tips for additional savings and financing of your dreams:
  • Consider your health insurance options. Estimate, what part of the expenses for the surrogacy motherhood program will be covered by your insurance, study the options for insurance of the surrogate mother and the future child.
  • Select an appropriate surrogate mother who will be the best match. Carefully study the programs and offers of agencies and specialists, analyze and compare their costs and rates. Look for hidden and additional costs which are not included in the agency commission. Make a list of specialists and agencies and conduct a detailed comparison.
  • Create a special savings account. Make transfers to the account for covering surrogacy motherhood with a separate budget item. Set aside monthly certain, how you postpone for college education, for home repairs or a great vacation.
  • Communicate. Meet other potential parents, register on forums to support people like you. On the forums, you can find many useful tips, and parents who have already completed a surrogacy motherhood program will tell you how you can collect more money, where to look for grants, what credit products worth considering.
  • Fertility Within Reach provides information that allows infertile couples to communicate more freely with doctors, insurance companies, employers and legislators to gain access to all possible resources for building a complete family.

Nowadays, there are many ways to finance surrogacy motherhood. Having thoroughly researched and thoroughly planned the process of surrogacy motherhood, you can determine which of the methods will work best for you and facilitate the surrogate payments associated with the surrogacy motherhood program as much as possible. We are sure that you will be able to find the best ways for achieving your cherished goal and a small miracle will appear in your family.

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