Endocrine sterility

This type of infertility occurs due to disruptions in the ovulation process caused by hormonal imbalances. For timely and regular ovulation responsible are:

  • pituitary-hypothalamus-ovaries axis;
  • thyroid;
  • adrenal cortex.

Disruptions in functioning at least at one of the listed levels entail disruptions in the reproductive system in women up to amenorrhea. Read about the causes and methods of prevention and treatment on our website.


Obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Adhesions in the fallopian tubes are caused in 30% of female infertility. Obstructive patency, up to complete obstruction, arises as a complication and consequence of inflammatory processes, abortions, difficult births, endometriosis. The same cause of pipe obstruction may be hypoactivity of pipes due to the lack of progesterone and estrogen.


Immunological deficiency

This type of infertility makes up to 2% of the total number of cases of impaired female reproductive function. The most common causes of immunological infertility are:

  • anti-dispersive antibodies (ASA);
  • antiovarian antibodies (AOA).

These two types of antibodies adversely affect the gametes and significantly complicate the process of conception, causing the destruction and adhesion of spermatozoa (ASA) and the destruction of oocytes (AOA).


Uterine infertility

This type of infertility is caused by congenital (infantile, two-horned, saddle-shaped uterus, etc.) or acquired (scarring, reduction of walls, etc.) pathologies and defects of the uterus.


Cervical infertility

It occurs in violation of the acidity of cervical mucus. Under normal conditions, this fluid provides sperm viability for up to 7 days. With an increase in pH, sperm cells die.


Psychological infertility

This impaired fertility is psychosomatic in nature and is caused by experienced (most often in childhood) shocks and experiences. This type of infertility has been little studied. Therapy is carried out by a psychologist and is aimed at finding the causes and removing the internal brain blockages. As a rule, the treatment is long and painstaking, but very effective.


Idiopathic infertility

This diagnosis is established for 4-10% of infertile couples who have undergone a thorough examination of specialists. Infertility of unexplained etiology, due to the continuously developing methods of diagnosis, is becoming increasingly rare. However, a significant percentage of families remain, whose infertility cannot be explained due to a lack of understanding of the cause. In such cases, intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization is recommended.

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