We offer you different variants of the programs with due account for your requirements and preferences.

The program in Europe (Ukraine) provides the all-inclusive package of services, as the organisational, medical and legal support is included in the price. Also, additionally we can organize the childbirth for your surrogate mother on the territory of EU/your country.

If you are interested in a surrogacy program on the territory of the USA or Canada, please, refer to the list of services.

We would be glad to help you also, if you have frozen embryos. Our courier services will take care of shipping and necessary documentation.

We give a guarantee of maximally prompt positive result, as our team works for the successful implementation of your program.

Our price policy guaranties to get the best result for the reasonable price, excluding any hidden payments. All the important decisions are made only with your consent and we are always open for discussing any points of your interest.


€ 45.700
All-inclusive surrogacy package in Europe   
€ 95.500
Program in Canada/the USA   
€ 42.200
Surrogacy package with ready cryopreserved embryos   
€ 4.000
New IVF cycle   
€ 8.000
Embryo donation   
€ 22.500
Childbirth on the territory of EU/your country/    
€ 3.000
PGD 24 chromosomes   
€ 2.500
Frozen embryos shipping   


Please, contact our coordinator, who will give you the detailed plan of the programme you are interested in and provide further assistance.

Entering your number, please, add your country`s code.

* All your information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed


If you have any questions, please, leave you phone number or email. Our consultant will keep in touch with you to answer all your questions.

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