We offer you different variants of the programs with due account for your requirements and preferences.

The program in Europe (Ukraine) provides the all-inclusive package of services, as the organisational, medical and legal support is included in the price. Also, additionally we can organize the childbirth for your surrogate mother on the territory of EU/your country.

If you are interested in a surrogacy program on the territory of the USA or Canada, please, refer to the list of services.

We would be glad to help you also, if you have frozen embryos. Our courier services will take care of shipping and necessary documentation.

Please, note, the reimbursement of surrogate mother`s expenses is paid directly to her and is not included in the package of services “All-inclusive in Europe”.

We give a guarantee of maximally prompt positive result, as our team works for the successful implementation of your program.

Our price policy guaranties to get the best result for the reasonable price, excluding any hidden payments. All the important decisions are made only with your consent and we are always open for discussing any points of your interest.


€ 25.700
All-incusive in Europe   
€ 95.500
Program in Canada/the USA   
€ 22.200
Package with own frozen embryos   
€ 15.000
Reimbursement of surrogate`s expenses   
€ 3.000
Delivery on the territory of EU /your country   
€ 3.000
PGD 24 chromosomes   
€ 1.500
Frozen embryos shipping   


Please, contact our coordinator, who will give you the detailed plan of the programme you are interested in and provide further assistance.

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* All your information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed

 Cost connected with surrogacy maternity services

            Nowadays all over the world there is a great boom of a surrogate motherhood. A lot of people all over the world having fertility problems are ready to pay any amount of money just to get their own child. But the question of surrogacy cost remains acute for many couples that decide to use the surrogacy motherhood service. In general, the surrogacy cost involves lots of payments, so it is much more convenient for the intended parents to choose the all-inclusive package in Europe, Canada or the USA depending on their preferences and acceptable surrogacy costs.

We offer our services for intended parents from the UK, USA, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries, so the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is the best price offered for the all-inclusive programs for you not to worry about any additional payments. 

In such European country as Ukraine surrogacy motherhood services are permitted by the law and are used not only by Ukrainians but by foreigners too. A lot of experts and surrogate moms state that Ukraine is turning out into center of surrogacy maternity services because in many countries surrogacy is completely forbidden by the law and cost of surrogacy Ukraine is quite reasonable.

We offer also surrogate programs in Canada and the USA, where the surrogacy services are widely-spread, but for lots of Europeans willing a child it is difficult to reach these countries and the cost of surrogacy is higher.

The cost of surrogacy programme in Ukraine includes all the organisational, medical and legal services. We coordinate your programme and you can be sure our team will take of everything for you. The cost of surrogacy reimbursement is paid directly to the surrogate.

The surrogacy cost in Canada and the USA differs and the programme itself is implemented differently. Consult our coordinator to choose the best option personally for you.

In any case, it is only your personal choice of the right program, as each has its own advantages. We will be glad to help you make the right choice, coordinate and support your program for you to feel confident and relax, as you will be aware of each stage and all the decisions will be approved by you, all surrogacy costs are warranted and include no hidden payments.


If you have any questions, please, leave you phone number or email. Our consultant will keep in touch with you to answer all your questions.