Who are we?

We are a Canadian company offering a range of services connected with surrogacy. We provide different programmes based on your requirements and preferences and choose the best option personally for you.

Why should you choose exactly our services?

We will offer you the best programme for the reasonable price guarantying full support and organization of the process.

Do you offer legal support after the birth of the baby?


Are there any guarantees of the successful outcome of the programme?

If the programme includes the usage of donated oocytes, the chances to obtain high-quality embryos increase several folds, as the quality of embryos plays crucial role in having positive result, which is a healthy pregnancy of a surrogate and child birth. If a biological mother intends to use her own oocytes, she should be fully examined for the doctor to evaluate the success rate of the outcome. Moreover, our payment policy gives you the guarantee as well, as we take all the possible risks. Our priority task is the birth of a healthy baby, which is the guaranteed result of hard team work.

Do you use frozen oocytes for the programme?

No, we do not. There is our partner`s database of donors and we offer you to choose the best candidate according to the desirable phenotype. Afterwards the donor is carefully examined and stimulated for the retrieval of the oocytes.

Can we choose the donor?

Of course, you can choose the best donor who fits you best.

Are there any age restrictions to take part in your programme?

No, there are no restrictions. Yet if you are over 60, we would ask you to provide the information about the possible caregivers of the child in the future

What happens if pregnancy test is negative? Should we pay once again?

No, in this case we undertake the next attempt of embryo transfer to the uterus of the surrogate. The quantity of free attempts depends on the quantity of embryos stored, which means every next attempt is free, if there are embryos stored. If two attempts fail, you have the right to change the surrogate.

Is there a possibility to organize the delivery of the baby in our country?

Yes, there is. Intended Parents cover the costs connected with the delivery in this case.

Do you control the conditions of surrogate`s living during the pregnancy?

Our coordinators provide everything necessary for the healthy pregnancy of a surrogate, who lives in a company apartment under the supervision of our medical staff.

Do you provide legal support?

Sure. We provide full legal support of the programme on the territory of Ukraine.

Is there any possibility to detect genetic abnormalities of the fetus?

During the pregnancy, all the necessary examinations and tests for the abnormalities detection are done. In there are any genetic diseases in your family, the PGD 24 Chromosomes is advised for the detection possible deviations of the newly-created embryos to avoid their implantation.


Please, contact our coordinator, who will give you the detailed plan of the programme you are interested in and provide further assistance.

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If you have any questions, please, leave you phone number or email. Our consultant will keep in touch with you to answer all your questions.

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