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Our main task is to provide a full coordination of ART programs, IVF programs, including using gamete donation and surrogacy motherhood. Our acquaintance begins with the organization of primary medical examination, treatment, stimulation, and diagnosis, transfer of embryos, prenatal care and, of course, childbirth support.

We guarantee an individual approach to each couple. By referring to the clinic for infertility treatment, our patients acquire a huge support and trust. Experts of the center hold a confidential dialogue with patients, trying to understand their problems and find the best solution depending on the situation.

Surrogate mother control

Surrogacy contact is one of the most important documents that accompany the relationship of the spouses and the surrogate mother, because it makes them understandable and aimed to protect both parties. The signing of the contract provides a legal relationship between the parties, and our supervisor then continues to monitor the fulfillment of surrogate mother obligations.

The organization and supervision of medical part of the program includes the following reports:

  • providing detailed information on the program;
  • visits to the doctor;
  • assistance in situations where there is a need of surrogate mother hospitalization;
  • control of purchasing and taking medicines by surrogate mother;
  • informing the prospective parents about the visits to the clinic, the doctor’s recommendations during the pregnancy;
  • the organization of labor (the selection of the hospital, the organization of medical support and stay in the maternity ward of surrogate mother);
  • supporting surrogate mother with the admission process;
  • organization of visits of surrogate mother to her home and help in solving everyday issues for the whole period of pregnancy.

Additional services:

In the process of organization and support of assisted reproduction programs (GRP) our company offers additional services to our clients:

  • meeting at the airport, train station or sea port;
  • hotel accommodations (flats, apartments);
  • ticket booking;
  • car rent (or car with a driver);
  • translator;
  • insurance;
  • verification of the identity of surrogate mother;
  • leisure activities (excursions, visiting cultural and business events, restaurants, etc.).

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