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Donor programs are the selection and preparation, as well as conducting IVF procedure with donor eggs and sperm.

The egg donation program is based on the IVF method and is intended for women who do not have (or cannot use) their own oocytes, as well as for those who have a high risk of having a baby with pathology. This procedure is also used when there is a risk of genetically transmitted diseases exists.

The question of application of the “oocyte donation” program (the use of donated eggs) is usually caused by problems with conceiving a child. In some cases women’s infertility is attributed to the fact that their ovarian follicle growth is not well performed and maturation of oocytes does not occur. The absence of eggs may be due to age-related changes, any of these processes can be caused by pathological conditions: premature menopause, significant damage to the ovaries during radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments, chromosomal disease. In such situations the egg is taken from a donor – a healthy women capable of becoming pregnant. Next, during the process of IVF donor program, oocyte (egg) is fertilized by the sperm of a husband of the patient or donated healthy sperm. Embryos that were obtained as a result of fertilization are transferred to the uterus of the patient.

The effectiveness of embryo transfer is determined by many factors that are individual in each case. The possibility of pregnancy is even more than effective for patients with normal IVF-program, reaching 50-60% per cycle.

Who can be a donor?

According to the recommendations of the ASTM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) and ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), the donor must be under the age of 35 and have a good physical and mental health. We don’t work with donors who have a history cancer, heart, kidney disease, hereditary illnesses and diseases, sexually transmissible diseases, the psyche, alcoholism, drug use.

The program is anonymous. Family that uses donor eggs cannot see the pictures of the donor, but merely informed of the following parameters: height, weight, hair and eye color, ethnicity, education, availability of family and children, blood group and Rh factor.

Woman, who has decided to become an egg donor, undergoes a full examination for the presence of infections. Then an egg donor completes a procedure of stimulation of the ovaries that allows producing more eggs. This procedure is held in accordance to the cycle of the patient. So far any threat to the health of the donor has not been revealed.

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Donating eggs Ukraine

Egg donation

The procedure of donation. If you are MAMA and feel full of maternal feelings, and if you are ready to help someone to become happy parents - our offer is for you.

How you can help? In Ukraine, every fifth is barren. More and more couples are forced to seek help from specialists. A lot of women cannot get pregnant because of poor quality or lack of eggs in the ovaries. In such cases, only a donor egg will allow you to conceive, bear and give birth to a long-awaited child. And so you, realizing yourself as a mother, can help these families feel full of maternal and parental feelings. You can make someone’s dream came true and donate eggs Ukraine.

Donating eggs Ukraine is simple. You can donate eggs and help infertile couples find happiness if:

  • You have a mother - you have one child or several children;
  • Your age is from 20 to 32 years old;
  • You do not have chronic, gynecological and genetic diseases;
  • You have a normal condition (there is neither excess or lack of weight);
  • You did not have operations on the mammary glands and ovaries;
  • You were not ill with hepatitis A (Botkin's disease) and diabetes.

Egg donation Ukraine

Egg donation Ukraine

Advantages of the oocyt donation program. Additional income after completing the program, you are guaranteed to receive a reward, regardless of the results of the egg donation Ukraine.

  1. Free survey. The clinic completely carries out thorough diagnostics of the body of the future donor for free.
  2. Convenient schedule. The program of oocyte donation does not change your usual schedule - the doctor's appointments are compatible with the main work.
  3. Save time. Duration of the egg donation Ukraine program - 3 weeks, you expect 4-5 visits to the doctor.
  4. Safely. If you follow the recommendations, the risks of complications of donating eggs Ukraine will be minimized. Complications occur in 0.1% of cases.

If you have any questions, please, leave you phone number or email. Our consultant will keep in touch with you to answer all your questions.

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