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People have been facing with infertility many years ago. Because of the inability to have children of their own and to continue their family tree, many people end up depressed.

However, thanks to modern technology this problem is solvable. The way out of this situation is a surrogate mother. The woman does not have the genetic relatedness with the child, because the embryo is obtained by IVF procedure. Now an insemination of a surrogate mother with the help of the genetic material of parents is possible. Sperm of father fertilizes mother cells. Parents act as donors, and thus the child is 100% genetically similar to them. Then specialists of the clinic transfer embryo to the substitute mother – a surrogate mother, which after a successful IVF is signing a special agreement.

I would like to note that the joy of motherhood would have been impossible without the work and efforts of scientists around the world who in the middle of the 20th century invented IVF. This is truly one of the most advanced methods in modern medicine. For more than thirty years after procedure IVF thousands of couples became happy parents.

In the laboratory preliminary analysis and selection of embryos, carried out by experienced embryologists, give our customers the opportunity to initially avoid many pathologies and hereditary diseases. And sometimes parents can find out the sex of the baby. At the same time the future father and mother will be completely assured that fertilization that occurs outside the body is absolutely safe. The procedure is held in a sterile laboratory and as a result, fertilized cells are placed into the uterus of a surrogate mother, which significantly reduces the possible risks.

After the embryo transfer the process of traditional childbearing begins. This procedure has been used for a long time. Employees of Canadian Medical Care Agency are true professionals of this sector and accumulated a huge experience and knowledge to fight the disease of infertility.

Very often, children who have been born thanks to IVF are referred to as “children from a test tube.” These kids are absolutely healthy and do not differ from those who have been conceived by the natural way, even though the first 3-5 days from the moment of “conception” they remained in the laboratory.

It will take a bit of time after IVF and the child will be born and transferred to its biological parents. They will be registered according to the rules in the relevant state bodies as the only legitimate parents of the baby.

Canadian Medical Care Agency has made every effort to help you fight infertility using IVF. Our specialists will do everything so that you can make the dream come true and to feel the happiness of being parents.

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