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If you’re a gay man or a lesbian, it doesn’t mean you have to go through life without having a family of your own.

The options available to gay and lesbian potential parents are wider now than ever before. One of such solutions is surrogacy, which provides a great opportunity for gay couples who have face problems with child adoption and for those who would like to have genetic link to the baby.

If you’re a gay man, the surrogate mother’s egg can be fertilized by either you or your partner’s sperm. Lesbian couple may also use a surrogate mother if one or both partners are unable to produce an egg to be fertilized or unable to carry a child to term.

At Canadian Medical Care our approach is to provide an absolute equal care to all intended parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, age or religious belief.

We believe that there are more similarities than differences in the way of how homosexuals and heterosexuals raise their children. And those children as well brought up in gay families as if they were in heterosexual families.

For your own benefit as well as for the future baby’s health, any intended parent providing sperm just as our surrogate mother will need to pgo through medical tests for infectious, disease and other necessary analyses.

Our center has helped many gay couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents through surrogacy and we will be proud to assist you.

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